How to back up OS

  hiwatt 18:53 12 Mar 2009

Hi folks,someone posted a link to a free version of norton ghost and I know you can also try out acronis true image.I haven't got an external hard drive yet.What I'd like to know is can I back up JUST my OS to dvd?Windows came pre installed on my computer with no discs and I want to have a back up incase of emergency untill I get my external drive.Any help is much appreciated.Thanks.

  Kingfisher 19:10 12 Mar 2009

yes you can back it up to dvd's I used Acronis it would be best to get rw dvd,s so you can reuse them for further back ups, you will need several rw dvd,s depending on how much data is on your pc.I now have an external hard drive which is much less hassle and in my humble opinion is more reliable than dvd's
Personally I would go out and buy an external hard drive you could get 500gb for about £60/£70 pounds or less, Google external hard drives, and go for a electrical powered one rather than a usb powered one.if you are not going to cart it around with you. Acronis trial can be downloaded
click here

  hiwatt 19:24 12 Mar 2009

Thanks.I'm in the process of looking for an external dvd at the moment and will be buying acronis to go with that but as I haven't got ANY kind of back up at all at the moment I wanted to just do a back up of windows xp(I have my data on dvd's)just to have a back up incase of emergency.

  hiwatt 19:24 12 Mar 2009

I meant an external hard drive not dvd lol.

  Kingfisher 20:15 12 Mar 2009

I dont think you can back up just the os, some of the techies could advise you better, why dont you download the trial version of Acronis and back up everything to dvd, Acronis is a 15 day trial.
Did your pc come with a rescue/restore disk or recovery partition if so then you can get the o/s back to how it was when you first got your pc and then reload your data in the event of a failure. or carry out a windows repair if you have a windows disk

  Catastrophe 21:44 12 Mar 2009

I was asking something similar a little while back viz: is it possible to create bootable O/S on DVD or memory stick.

The answer seemed to be NO but I solved the problem using cheap HDDs from eBay e.g., 9GB which is more than enough for O/S.

I have such with O/S plus several progs ONLY to be used to restore image of, for example, Windows and Word and whatever.


  mooly 08:15 13 Mar 2009

You can use Acronis to back up to the same HDD as the OS. For example the OS on the C parition and the backups on the D partition. This is what I do.
No good I know if the HDD packs up, but for day to day use it's great... Acronis is a real lifesaver, you dont want to be reinstalling the OS from factory defaults and having to set it all up again.

  gazzaho 08:57 13 Mar 2009

Be aware hiwatt that I just made a backup of my entire notebook drive after reinstalling XP and the few programs that I use, this came to about 90GB or so and it took 3 DVD disks to do it at maximum compression. If you have a lot of data on your boot drive, like a few hundred gigs of data then backing it up to DVD might not be a good idea as it will involve a lot of disks.

I don't believe there is a way to only backup the OS itself as Kingfisher said, so it may be a good idea to get a drive as soon as possible. I made the backup disks I mentioned because the factory restore disk for my notebook is way out of date and requires a lot of update downloading after restoration.

When buying a Hard drive for backup make sure and get one the same size or bigger than the drive you're backing up as you can fit one or more full backups on to it at once using compression.

  Graphicool1 11:21 13 Mar 2009

XXCLONE click here Free and easy, not a trial.
If you decide to give it a go Click 'Advanced Settings'
Check Use HyperSync Algorithm (for faster backup)

  muddypaws 11:38 13 Mar 2009

As Graphicool1 says give XXClone a go. If you have space for a second hard drive--clone to that and then you have two bootable drives in case one goes up the shute. Wont boot from an external.

  woodchip 12:29 13 Mar 2009

As above the only real way Is Acronis True Image and a External Drive

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