how to back up opearting system if pre installed

  computernerdiamnot 11:41 17 Nov 2004

A while back there was a thread on how to back up your operating system if it was preinstalled and you only had recovery disks. I have searched the archives and cannot find it can anyone help please.

  computernerdiamnot 14:19 17 Nov 2004


  SEASHANTY 14:28 17 Nov 2004

There is information on the Maxtor website on how to
copy your entire hard drive contents (including the O/S) to a new hard drive using Maxblast3 software.
One of the drives would have to be a Maxtor though.
click here

  SEASHANTY 14:39 17 Nov 2004

You can also backup your system using Drive Image or
click here

  SEASHANTY 14:54 17 Nov 2004

Another interesting page on backups/Drive Image
click here

  computernerdiamnot 16:25 17 Nov 2004

What i want to do is this: my computer came with xp embedded in the d: and i do not have a xp disc if i ever needed to replace the hard drive i only have restore disks and it is the d: bit i want to copy there was a thread a while back on how to do this as copying the drive does not work i think it has to be done a certain way.

  woodchip 16:32 17 Nov 2004

Get Acronis True Image from PCworld, you can then Backup a fully functioning System and restore it if you have any problems from ether another Partition or Drive or CDR or CDRW this also goes for DVD

  Djohn 16:43 17 Nov 2004

I understand what you require. You don't want to make a copy of your system as it is at the moment because this would copy all the settings of the pre installed system, therefore it would not install on another PC.

I remember the thread, [I even made a post to it] but can't find it at the moment. For others reading this thread. "computernerdiamnot" wants to make an XP CD from the hidden partition of his current hard drive. It can be done and the method has been explained a few times in the forum. I'll keep looking for it but have over 140 pages of "My Postings" to look through and the search system dose't want to play. :o(

  Lionheart ? 17:13 17 Nov 2004

Not sure if these threads will be of any help click here
click here

  iarno 23:58 17 Nov 2004

try this oneclick here

tells you how to make a cd of XP at the bottom of page.

best of luck

  iarno 00:02 18 Nov 2004

I think the above is the one that Djohn is looking for

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