How to back up favourites folder?

  john bunyan 17:12 14 Aug 2013

How do I create a back up of my Favourite sites, in case of a crash or a computer change? I do create ATI images for system and programme folders, but I like to back up data with a simpler programme - I use Freefilesynch to make daily mirror copies of all my data (which is in a different partition)in a master folder under "My Documents" (W7, 64 bit, IE10)

  lotvic 17:35 14 Aug 2013

how to export (backup) or import (restore) your URL webpage favorites in Internet Explorer, scroll down to option 2 ClickHere you can also open the saved bookmark.htm file in any browser and they will be listed on main window browser page, so you don't need to import them in order to see them (handy if you just want to look at what's been saved).

  john bunyan 17:46 14 Aug 2013

Thanks, lotvic . Easy when you know how!!

  lotvic 19:23 14 Aug 2013

:) yep, like a lot of things it's easy once you know how. Glad it's sorted.

  Chronos the 2nd 07:30 15 Aug 2013

I use Dropbox.

I have created a favourites folder in my Dropbox service and then moved the location of the Favourite folder to there. This means I can access my favourites on any of my 3 PC's and if I add to My Favourites from any of my PC's it is instantly available to the others.

  john bunyan 09:57 15 Aug 2013

Chronos the 2nd

Thanks . I have not yet used Dropbox. My grand daughter uses it to move stuff from her tablet to a laptop. On the latter I found it a bit annoying that Dropbox launches automatically and was a bit intrusive....

  Chronos the 2nd 10:16 15 Aug 2013

I found it a bit annoying that Dropbox launches automatically and was a bit intrusive....

It obviously needs to launch automatically if it is to keep all the contained folders up to date. Have not got a clue by what you mean as intrusive? You can turn off any notifications and even hide it in the notification area, not sure what else you would want to do?

  john bunyan 14:29 15 Aug 2013

Chronos the 2nd

Thanks. As I do not use it at the moment, when I had my grand daughter's laptop to fix a big virus / malware problem, it was just a bit annoying that it launched on start up. If I used it I would prefer to launch it manually so as to only synch or send selected items, so I stopped it in the Start menu, but it came back. No big deal.

  alanrwood 11:15 17 Aug 2013

I created a folder in My Documents called Favotites and then redirected the original Favorites folder location to the new location. In Win 7 it is easy to do. Open Windows Explorer and at the top you will find your account name Folder. Open it and select the Favorites folder and right click on it. Select Properties and then the Location tab. Change the text box to your new location and click on Move. Al;l your existing favorites will be moved to the new location.

Now your Favorites are backed up when you do your daily Data backup. (You do do a daily backup don't you?).

  alanrwood 11:19 17 Aug 2013

Another suggestion is to install the XMarks add-on for IE,Firefox or Chrome. Your favorites are the synced to a personal account on the web by creating a free XMarks account. This has the advantage of creating a central location which can be set to auto sync. Once the data has been uploaded it becomes shared between all browser types ie it becomes interchangeable.

  john bunyan 11:25 17 Aug 2013


Thanks for your 11.15 suggestion. I do (mostly daily) back ups of My Documents using Freefilesynch.

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