how to auto run a program at startup

  gbman 00:32 25 Jan 2003

i want to run a wake on lan program at startup, i have scheduled a task to run at startup but this only starts the program, i need to have it execute the program ( operate a button ) as well, any ideas greatly appreciated

  DieSse 00:36 25 Jan 2003

"Wake on LAN" is normally a device you set in the BIOS, to start up a switched off computer when it gets a signal across the LAN.

I can't quite see what a "wake on lan" program could be doing - if the computer is already running, then the lan can be active anyway??

  DieSse 00:42 25 Jan 2003

Ah - I suppose you mean, when the system does wake up, you want a program to run - it's not a wake on lan issue at all really??

You've taken the correct first step by putting it into the start up group. Can the program itself not assume an answer to the button? What's the program?

  gbman 00:44 25 Jan 2003

i want to start up a remote computer i use as a jukebox, it is set up to wake on lan and i have the magic packet software to wake it up that works fine. what i need is to be able to run this software every time i turn my computer on without me having to actually press the "wake up computer" button in the program.

  gbman 00:51 25 Jan 2003

the program is called wakeonlangui.exe and has no facility to run automatically. at the moment i get a screen with the correct mac address, ip adress and subnetmask displayed and all i need to do is click the button "wake up computer" and it works a treat but i would like it to start up without me having to do anything, i know this is just being lazy but as a programing exercise it would be kind of interesting

  DieSse 00:55 25 Jan 2003

click here

have a look here - there are many hints and tips for sending magic packets, and even some alternative programs which may help.

  DieSse 01:03 25 Jan 2003

This is a free utility that works in DOS - thus can be put in the autoexec.bat file - looks as if it may do what you want.

click here

  gbman 01:06 25 Jan 2003

i have been to most of these sites in my search for the magic packet program, the program i downloaded can also be obtained in a visual basic format but i don't have vis basic, i will have to get it from kazaa and start learning basic again.

thanks again
gary b

  gbman 01:14 25 Jan 2003

this is the program i am using but the dos version, i tried this with no success the windows version works like a dream but this did not work at all. the lan card in the remote computer blipped a light to show activity on the line but the pc did'nt wake up. the only difference i can see between the dos and windows version is that the windows ver asks for a port number as well as the mac address, ip and subnetmask but no provision is made for this in the syntax of the dos program. these people also supply the vis basic code i may use.

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