how to associate photo software with the camera?

  carvers 09:36 11 Nov 2003

i have a laptop which has 256mb ram and a 30gb hard drive, operating system is xp home.
i have just purchased an olympus mju300 and loaded photo express version 4.0 as a basic imaging package. the camedia software which came with the camera caused extreme slowness with the system that is why i have photo express made by ulead. the camera when plugged in works as it should and is recognised as a hard drive (e) by my system and when plugged in the camera and scanner wizard loads the photos into my ducuments as it should. my problem is that if i instruct photo express to get the photos it is not recognised by the wizard. neither is there a driver listed in device manager so i assume the driver is built into the camera. there are drivers by olympus when i use install new hardware but none are relevent to my camera despite this i have tried them but they do not work. any ideas how to instruct photo express to get the images from the camera other than capturing them from my documents and does it make any difference anyway? thanks in advance to anyone who may take the time to reply.

  anchor 09:58 11 Nov 2003

I have no experience of Photo Express. However, as long as you can load the pictures into the computer, I would think it is very easy to open them in Photo Express from the My Documents folder.

I do this all the time; load the pics into a special folder, then open them from that folder in Paint Shop Pro.

  [email protected]@m 10:17 11 Nov 2003

Things are much easier using a card reader to download your photos. It will save on batteries, too.

  toxin 11:09 11 Nov 2003

Hi Carvers!

Try on thumbnail/file and 'Open with' should show photo express.

Hope this helps,Toxin.

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