how am I going to save my file to external USB dri

  laptopdunce 20:47 22 Jun 2017

drive? the usb ports are not working on my windows 8.1 laptop, tried everything, but I cant even transfer a batch of files anywhere, really pi77ed off with this, I feel like buying a complete new laptop just to be able to use a proper keyboard and mouse but I cant get all my files off the current one, what a mess!! why does this only happen to me?? where is fruitbat?? he knows how to fix everything I need him here!! thanks laptopdunce

  wee eddie 20:56 22 Jun 2017

It should be possible to remove the Hard Drive and put it into a suitable Enclosure, available on eBay for about a tenner, and turn it into an External Hard Drive.

But first, let's let the cognoscenti attempt to get your USB Ports working again.

  laptopdunce 21:16 22 Jun 2017

oHs restor without losing any files but of course it hasnt made the USB ports work!! and I have to get rid off all the original crap!! and reinstall my own stuff, I jsut hope someone like Fruitbat cna figure out what has happened, I looked on youtube but all the things there are all device manager oriented and bios which i dont want to mess with, need the experts here to get a grip on this!! it must be fixable its only 2 years old this laptop it jsut stopped when playing a youtube video and when it restarted I lost all use of the USB ports. thanks laptopdunce

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