How ae you getting on with digital switch over?

  SparkyJack 17:24 10 Feb 2012

We in the South East area are due to be done during April. I have heard that some folk where help was requested have been seen to.

As I posted off my application months ago and had no response I thought an Email enquiry would not be amiss. So I did. and had response that I would be telephoned within a couple of days. This afternoon when I got home Digital Switchover had telephoned. The guy having taken all my details said no application had been received, but no problem we will do it over the phone now-. So I dug out my flexifriend- paid over my £27 and lo the men are coming to fix me up on Monday 5th March. So it pay to check. don't it.

  john bunyan 17:33 10 Feb 2012

I am in the zone for reasonable priced help, but my various TV's have Freeview tuners ;I put up my own aerial and I have a set top box already for a TV in a spare room, I do not see the point of getting someone in. I think all I have to do is to run a digital programme scan. I gave up watching analogue months ago.

  bremner 17:37 10 Feb 2012

Are they supplying a freeview box or does your TV have freeview built in?

  john bunyan 17:41 10 Feb 2012

I think you have posted the identical thread on 3 forums - this one;Consumer Watch and Speakers Corner. Difficult and confusing so maybe FE will rationalise the three to form one thread.

  SparkyJack 17:47 10 Feb 2012

My TV is digital so gets Free view anyway

There are several packages on offer for folk with only analogue and subject to you financial status is moderate cost or free for pensioners.

As FreeSat offer a bigger range of useful channels for me I elected for that package.

Because I am a pensioner on benefit the cost of the Freesat dish/box and installation is £27.

Higher costs apply to basic pensioner and higher still for wage earners but sill cheaper than' commercial'

  bremner 18:40 10 Feb 2012


Thanks for the reply.

The same question has been asked in your post in Consumerwatch. It really is best to only post a question in one forum. Perhaps you could tick the other two as closed and just stick to this one.

  lotvic 18:51 10 Feb 2012

john bunyan you could have the Freesat option and get the dish installed and a freesat box.

I also had freeview tv and aerial etc but got the satellite freesat installed for a minimum fee in both lounge and b/room (as there were 2 people eligible and we got one system each - total of one dish and two receivers)

  morddwyd 19:46 10 Feb 2012

"this one;Consumer Watch and Speakers Corner. "

In fact, the only one not used is the one it should have been on, Digital Home!

  john bunyan 20:38 10 Feb 2012

Lotvic. Thanks for that, I will have a think about it.Also thanks to SparkyJack for info.

  lotvic 21:02 10 Feb 2012

yeah it's good, I've got both now, Freeview and Freesat. Makes it easy to record several programs while watching another. Added bonus is Freesat has a lot more channels and picture doesn't break up like it does on Freeview when the weather distorts the signal. If you get Freesat steer clear of the sagem boxes because the software has a problem that they can't seem to fix. They replaced mine with a Humax Foxsat PVR and I haven't had any probs since then (and it has a lot more features)

Another bonus is that you can use a skybox receiver instead (or as well if you get another LNB cable feed from dish fixed) so you have plenty of flexibility.

  ton 02:01 15 Feb 2012

I thought the 'help service' was just to make sure that old people could still receive tv programs.

Not to add additional equipment to an address that could already receive the service.

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