how to adjust Vcache in Win ME

  palinka 16:57 12 Dec 2004

Just installed extra 512 Mb RAM where there were only 128 before; total therefore 640Mb RAM. Crucial's web site says "memory configs for Win ME with greater than 256 MB require adjusting the Vcache settings....MS article Q108079". But this article doesn't seem to exist on microsoft's site.
Help, please.

  bremner 16:58 12 Dec 2004

click here;en-us;108079

For the article in question

  bremner 16:59 12 Dec 2004

http: //;en-us;108079

Remove the space each side of the //

  palinka 17:06 12 Dec 2004

thanks bremner - but when I go to the [vcache] section, as descibed in that article, there's nothing listed, only the heading[vcache]. Am I missing something?

  palinka 17:44 12 Dec 2004

thanks, crx1600. Helpful article, BUT i'm not getting any error messages as described in the article and everything seems to be working fine.
In any case the link you gave also describes adjusting the [vcache] settings - which is my current problem: there is nothing listed there.
Shall I just leave everything as it is? (only other option is to remove the original 128Mb)

  palinka 17:51 12 Dec 2004

can we clarify, crx1600, that it's 512Mb that is the critical amount with ME, not 256? Crucial said 256, but they lumped W95,98 and ME together.

  palinka 17:59 12 Dec 2004

thanks. I'll leave things as they are at the moment and see if any problems develop. I'll tick resolved, meanwhile.

  palinka 22:12 12 Dec 2004

thanks crx1600, that's helpful.

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