how to adjust dwell time of each still pic in show

  newearwax 14:20 23 Aug 2004

Can any one tell me what I need do to lenghten the time individual still pics, taken with a digital camera, remain on screen when viewing in a slide show?

  pj123 14:46 23 Aug 2004

Depends on what programme you are using to view the slideshow. If it is Irfanview for example, once you have selected the pictures you can alter the Slide Advancement time to however many seconds you like. The default is 5 seconds. Other slideshow programmes have different methods. We would need to know what programme you are using.

  Stuartli 15:24 23 Aug 2004

I was going to cite Irfanview but photo editing programs or albums generally allow the creation of a slideshow, the duration of each picture display and whether you require a loop.

  canard 16:21 23 Aug 2004

You can specify the time between pics in Powerpoint.

  anchor 19:30 23 Aug 2004

I use the free JAlbum, which has an option at the start of the slide show to select display time. The default is 10 secs.

click here

  g0nvs 21:43 23 Aug 2004

Better still, try Pro-Show Gold.
click here

  anchor 08:42 28 Aug 2004

JAlbum is free, Pro-Show Gold costs $69.95 - no contest!

  jack 08:53 28 Aug 2004

As already mentioned different progs ,different
ways, and some wont at all
Another freeby [apf for posher version] is to be found at click here
But I guess,as always it need careful looking at to find exactly what any program has on offer.

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