How to add .srt to a video for youtube/FB

  JoeEl 15:02 19 Apr 2017

Hello, I am trying to add .srt subtitles to a video for facebook and youtube. I create the video in premiere, then I make subtitles in SubtitleEdit and then I merged the .mp4 video and .srt subtitles in MKVToolNix GUI. When I play the video at computer, it works - it has the subtitles visible, however, when I upload the file to youtube, there are no subtitles as it cannot decode it, i guess.

So I'm googling for a long period of time already, but all solutions provide the same result - merge the file, but through some sort of coding or what.

What I am looking for is a way to put the .srt to the video permanently, like to be the part of the video, like if I render it in the Premiere...

Anybody has any idea? Thank you.

  JoeEl 15:21 19 Apr 2017

Edit: I do not want to upload the .srt to YT/FB, i want it to be visible everythime, without the need of turning it on.

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