How to add a "tick symbol" in a PDF Document

  RobCharles1981 16:59 01 Jun 2016

Hi I'm basically filling in an application form which is a PDF Document and I'm using Foxit Reader to type in the document, I was wondering if there was a way to add a "tick symbol" any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks Rob

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:55 01 Jun 2016
  lotvic 20:02 01 Jun 2016

as per FB above, for a tick choose Wingdings font and hold down Alt and type 0252

  RobCharles1981 22:33 01 Jun 2016

Thanks for the infos, but I can't see the option on how to do the symbols?

  lotvic 22:54 01 Jun 2016

Did you notice on the Vid at 32secs, after clicking where on the pdf you wanted to type, a box opens up near the top toolbar where you can choose/change the font. That is where you can choose Wingdings font and on the pdf where you want to type a tick hold down Alt and type 0252

Try it out in Notepad... open Notepad > Format > Font > Wingdings > click on OK > hold down Ctrl and type 0252 and there you have it - a Tick

  lotvic 23:55 01 Jun 2016

typo LOL: that last should be Alt not Ctrl...

  RobCharles1981 00:02 02 Jun 2016

Yes I saw the video. But all I'm seeing in the tool bar is "type writter" when I do that I can type in the PDF document but not change fonts?

click here

  RobCharles1981 15:53 02 Jun 2016


  lotvic 19:34 02 Jun 2016

OK, I see you are in 'Ribbon Mode' whereas the vid is using 'Classic Toolbar Mode'

Ribbon Mode: Comment tab > click on Typewriter > Place mouse pointer on form where you want to create text box and leftclick mouse > a little text box is created and the top toolbar sprouts a new tab called 'FREE TEXT TOOLS, COMMENT FORMAT' and you can change the font

If you want to change to Classic Toolbar: Open Foxit > FILE tab > in left pane menu, click on 'Change Toolbar Mode' > Choose the 'Classic Toolbar Mode' > you will be promted to restart Foxit, so restart it. Now your top toolbar will match the Video.

Leftclick on 'Comments' tab > scroll down menu to 'Typewriter' and in the side menu click on 'Typewriter'

Put your mouse cursor in the box where you want the tick and leftclick mouse, this will create a little text box for you to type in and the 'Format' window will pop up for you to choose the font to use in the text box (as per the video)

When you have finished typing in the text box you created click on 'Esc' on your keyboard or mouseclick the hand icon on the the top toolbar in Foxit.

The text box can be resized by clicking on its border and you get the little square bits that you can drag to resize, or if you want to get rid of text box press Delete on keyboard.

Note: I do not know how to change the font for the normal pre-set interactive typing, I think that is set by the designer of the form.

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