How to add to a network?

  Pererin 21:53 21 Aug 2008

Hi Gang, I need to add my son's new laptop to our home setup, but can't seem to do so, but that is no surprise. We have two desktops currently on the LAN but I can not seem to find any info on adding to it. All three machines have XP Pro, if you need more details let me know. Thanks in advance for any help.

  Strawballs 22:51 21 Aug 2008

Is your current set all wired or do you have a wireless router? if so is the laptop wireless emabled? do you have any encryption setup?

  Pererin 23:22 21 Aug 2008

It's wired through a Netgear Router and an ethernet switch. If you need amy more info let me know and thanks guys.

  Strawballs 00:14 22 Aug 2008

I don't understand why you are using both router and switch.

  mgmcc 07:55 22 Aug 2008

To add an additional computer to your network should involve nothing more than plugging it into a free LAN port in the router.

If, in addition to internet access, you want to share Files and/or Printers, then you need to configure the necessary shares as well as any firewall software.

As Strawballs says, it's unclear why you are using a "network switch", unless you mean the one built into the router.

  Pererin 13:46 22 Aug 2008

OK Guys, I'll check the firewall and sharing and let you know what happens. The reason for the network switch is that there is only one cable to my son's room, so I needed to use a switch or run a second cable, the easy opton was the switch! Thanks, will let you know.

  ambra4 15:28 22 Aug 2008

There should be no problem with using a switch just check that the lan card on the laptop is set-up correct and enable, also check that the Ethernet cable from the switch is not bad

click here

  mgmcc 08:14 23 Aug 2008

Connecting a "switch" to a "router" *MAY* require a *CROSSOVER* ethernet cable, unless the switch has an "Uplink" port for the connection or either the router or switch has "Autosensing" ports.

  Pererin 20:21 02 Sep 2008

Ok, just to show how little I know, I did as you guys said and sorted the firewall and sharing then like magic all is working fine. As always thanks for all your help.

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