How to add a hyperlink to your forum posts, and other help with using the forum

  Forum Editor 07:31 31 May 2013

Quite a few people appear to have difficulties with including hyperlinks in their forum posts.

We have recently posted a revised edition of our rules for using the forum, together with some helpful hints on forum conduct, etc. Included is an explanation of how to add hyperlinks to your posts.

You can read about it by clicking on the link that says "view forum rules" at the top of each forum page, or by clicking here The explanation on hyperlinks is in the section entitled 'Forum jargon'

  Nontek 08:25 31 May 2013

Great idea to update the forums T&C - Thanks.

  lotvic 08:34 31 May 2013

Forum jargon, rules say: "Green tick – This is used to indicate that a subject has been satisfactorily resolved, and can only be placed on a thread by the person who starts it. You’ll find the button that does this at the end of your thread"

I feel the above is not clear enough and would be better worded something like:

"click on one of the big grey ticks at the right of any post and it will turn green. When page is refreshed the Thread will be marked Resolved"

  lotvic 08:47 31 May 2013

Hyperlinks, I find an easier/alternative way is to type my post then:

within my post, highlight/select the words I want to become a hyperlink

Click on the small green/blue globe icon and paste link address into dialogue box that appears and click on OK

  Chronos the 2nd 09:10 31 May 2013


The advice from the 'Revised' rules on the Green Tick is totally wrong,as the ability or button to change the grey tick to green appears at the side of every post and certainly not at the end of the thread.

  lotvic 09:11 31 May 2013

or another way, instead of clicking on the globe: hold down Ctrl and press L and that will bring up the dialogue box that you paste the URL website address into.

  Forum Editor 18:06 31 May 2013

My apologies re: the green tick issue. The para about the button was in the previous version, and shouldn't be in the revision - we'll sort it out.

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