How to access shared Office 365 on new tablet

  exdragon 15:38 22 Apr 2019

Hi - can anyone help, please? My partner is sharing his Office 365 subscription with me and I currently have it on a desktop and Android tablet. I now have a new tablet (Android) and wish to use Office 365 on it but I don't know how to do it. Between us we've spent a couple of hours with Microsoft but are none the wiser.

I can't see how downloading any of the apps myself will identify the tablet as being an extra shared device on his account. I did download Outlook and tried to set up my email address, but that wasn't recognised; I tried it with his address but his password wasn't recognised either. Additionally, the screen on which anything was entered wanted to create an IMAP account but I want POP3.

Going round in circles again.

  exdragon 17:17 22 Apr 2019

Thanks, Kevin - is that into my Microsoft account?

  Forum Editor 17:28 22 Apr 2019

If this is a 365 personal account it is limited to one user, but that user can install the software on multiple devices.

The best way is to login to your partner's 365 account and download the software from there. As part of the download process, you'll register your device on the 385 account.

You can set up a POP account if you wish.

  exdragon 17:31 22 Apr 2019

I've got Word abd Excel but can't get the email account set up. I've got the Get Started screen but when I put in my email address, I don't see anywhere to enter the POP3 I/C AND O/G SETTINGS.

  exdragon 17:39 22 Apr 2019

Didn't mean to shout!

  Forum Editor 17:40 22 Apr 2019

Just to be clear - are we talking about Outlook in Office 365?

Are you trying to set up an existing email address? If not, you can set up a POP account, but you'll need the server settings for your POP mailbox, wherever that is.

  exdragon 18:02 22 Apr 2019

FE - is his 365 account the same as his Microsoft account? I'm in the latter and can see where he has it on his devices, but I can't see where to download anything. There's an option to add a device, but I assume that's for him to add another. There's no mention of him sharing with me. Sorry to be thick.

  exdragon 18:12 22 Apr 2019

It isn't an address, it's a one and I have the settings, just nowhere to put them! I think I'll just delete everything and buy my own copy of 365!

I can find his sharing page: I'm already listed as sharing and the other option is Start Sharing, which I guess I don't want. I can't see anywhere to download anything.

  exdragon 06:46 23 Apr 2019

But as I said, he's shared it with me on my 'old' tablet. However, further investigation into something lurking at the back of my mind has revealed that, if the screen is over 10.1, you have to buy your own copy. The new galaxy S5e is 10.5, so I guess that's the answer! The tab S2 had a much smaller screen.

I could have saved myself a day of frustration.

  wee eddie 07:59 23 Apr 2019

I'm going to make a statement of the glaringly obvious. Kevin has sidled up to it but not spelled it out.

Your Partner's Subscription is for a Single User. Trying to set up another persons set of Outlook addresses might be said to be breaking the T&C's

  exdragon 09:26 23 Apr 2019

He has Home at 79.99 which enables him legitimately to share with me. It has been confirmed by Microsoft in several of our conversations and I'm not trying to cheat for the sake of a few quid!

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