How to access RAM on Lenovo YOGA 510-14isk laptop

  philmurg 10:36 03 Jan 2017

Bought one of these and want to up the RAM from 4 to 8Gb

have taken the back off, but the ram appears to be under a metal silver shield with no obvious way in.

Anyone come across this before

There is nowhere else for the RAM to hide


  Forum Editor 10:48 03 Jan 2017

" obvious way in."

Why on earth Lenovo decided to armour-plate the RAM module in this way is beyond me - the cover serves no good purpose, and certainly doesn't act as an RF shield in any way.

The good news is that you can remove the metal cover quite easily. There are small metal clips along the side, and if you carefully pry these open with a suitable tool ( I have used a small flat-blade screwdriver) you will find that the cover can be opened without too much trouble, revealing the single RAM module.

  philmurg 11:17 03 Jan 2017

Thank you Sir Much obliged :)

  Forum Editor 11:39 03 Jan 2017

You're welcome. Make sure that you replace the metal cover securely after you fit the new Ram module.

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