How to access older threads?

  Non Welsh Local 09:48 05 Jan 2003
  Non Welsh Local 09:48 05 Jan 2003

FE or anyone else who knows, how to I access past page 10 of each section? As I'm in work and need something to fill the long hours (rather than actually work that is), I'd like to read old threads/posts, and each section "only" goes to 10 pages.
What's the secret in seeing all past messages?


  Non Welsh Local 09:51 05 Jan 2003

I inadvertedly left the tick in place to be notified by email for when a response is made. Please remove this please FE, otherwise I could face 90+ emails if this thread runs as long as the Biggles no more one has and still is ....(but I REALLY hope not).

  « Ravin » 10:00 05 Jan 2003

you could try the search box if you know which thread you looking for

  Non Welsh Local 10:08 05 Jan 2003

There's nothing specific, I just want to browse through old messages out of interest.

  Djohn 10:09 05 Jan 2003

As « Ravin » says also if you click on *My postings* that will take you back as many pages as you wish, as long as you have contributed to that post or thread in some way.

My postings can be found in the menu box that is just below and to the right of the last post on each page, Starts with *Jump to:*

  Non Welsh Local 12:11 05 Jan 2003

Sorry folks I'll try and be a bit more exact. I want to access those pages/messages since (PCA) time began. Assuming the set up is the same on my screen as everyone elses, I can currently go back 10 pages in each section. EG Gamesroom, Helproom etc.

How do I therefore access pages 11 - xxx ? I haven't contributed to these earlier pages hence can't go down the "My Postings" route.

You may well ask why I want to read old messages that other people have written about unknown topics. A very good question it is to, and the answer is loads of time on my hands to kill whilst in (un)gainful employ.

  « Ravin » 12:41 05 Jan 2003

i see your point, i think only the FE can answer this question and i feel that it isn't possible.

  VoG™ 13:46 05 Jan 2003

This used to be possible but the page limit of 10 (initially 5) was imposed when the site was updated about a year ago.

You can still go back to the beginning in "My Postings".

  Patr100 14:06 05 Jan 2003

When you tick the box resolved in this tread,if you feel you have an answer you can live with , you will stop getting notification emails -

  Non Welsh Local 14:30 05 Jan 2003

Unless I'm missing something obvious here (always a chance of that), I still don't see how I can access posts 11 - xxx IF I haven't posted in them, even by going through "My Postings". I want to see ALL posts not just ones I have contributed to.

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