How to 100% lock a word document

  edenworkshops 15:34 11 Jul 2008


Can anyone tell me of a way to completely lock a word document.

I have found ways within word to limit formating but I have tried these methods and I am still able to edit the text, which is mainly what I do not want anyone to be able to do.

Thank you


  wis 15:44 11 Jul 2008

file protection rings a bell,but from memory it
was not something in word,

  recap 15:52 11 Jul 2008

If by 'lock' you mean that nobody can edit it? Set its read attributes to 'Read Only'. To do this right click the file, select Properties then tick the 'Read Only' option on the general page.

  Ditch999 16:13 11 Jul 2008

In Word 2007 go to Review and click on Protect Document.
Select "Restrict Formatting and Editing" then make sure Editing restrictions is ticked and "No changes - read only" is in the drop down list.
Click "Yes start enforcing Protection"
Enter your password or for more security select "User Authentication"

  €dstowe 16:47 11 Jul 2008

Whatever you do, it does not offer full protection - the document can always be re-written or OCR'd or otherwise copied.

  Forum Editor 17:02 11 Jul 2008

there's no way you can totally protect a Word document from being altered. I can circumvent the protection routine in about 30 seconds.

  grey george 17:53 11 Jul 2008

Publishing it as a pdf. would make it harder but as said anything can be re typed.

  Ditch999 19:55 11 Jul 2008

That sounds like a challenge!

  Forum Editor 23:55 11 Jul 2008



  daba 00:35 12 Jul 2008

You can make the document Read-Only with file attributes.

But anyone with basic windows knowledge can reset that.

Unless of course, the document is on a central server, that way (ordinary) users can be prevented from changing file attributes.

Any attempt to re-write the document to server HDD will be thwarted

  Ditch999 12:30 12 Jul 2008

click here is an encryption challenge for a Word document created using only the security features available in Word. No other software was used except Word 2007.

Its a Limerick! Five lines of text.

Who is going to be the first to post it here?

FE: Your 30 seconds have started!

Good luck everyone!

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