Hotmail won’t allow editing of forwarded emails

  Onizuka 16:47 26 Jun 2011

My cousin does not have a computer at home and her only access to her Hotmail account is by using the computers at her local library.

She receives numerous emails, some of which have already been forwarded a number of times and she wishes to delete the headers of previous forwarders before forwarding an email herself. (We’re always encouraged to do this to prevent spammers harvesting email addresses.)

She has asked me for help but there seems to be no way of doing this in Hotmail. I normally use GMail in Outlook 2007 but I have a Hotmail account myself and I have tried saving a forwarded message as a draft and then trying to delete the headers but this simply results in the whole message being deleted.

Can anyone advise please?

  natdoor 19:39 26 Jun 2011

I have never used hotmail but I assume it operates in a similar manner to e-mail clients such as Outlook Express or Thunderbird. In these, you have to select 'Forward' with the approriate e-mail open. This opens a new e-mail write template with the content of the forwarded e-mail contained within it. Besides inserting your own input, namely adresses and your own text, you are then able to delete any part of the forwarded content, including addresses.

  hastelloy 20:33 26 Jun 2011

I use hotmail and natdoor is correct.

  Onizuka 11:14 27 Jun 2011

natdoor, marvin42

Thank you both. However, I am baffled and maybe someone can explain the following.

When I initially tried editing the e-mail I used my Dell laptop running Windows 7 and because I was unable to delete anything I posted my thread. When I logged on today and saw your posts I then tried the same thing on my Dell desktop running Vista and found that what natdoor had said worked, and I would have ticked the thread as Resolved.

But I then went back to the laptop and I am still unable to delete anything. Highlighting the block of text and trying both the delete key and right-clicking with the mouse does nothing.

  hastelloy 15:27 27 Jun 2011

I can't explain this but I am running W7 Pro and don't have the problem.

  Onizuka 16:23 27 Jun 2011


After seeing your latest post I logged into Hotmail on my laptop and, yet again, having clicked on Forward, I highlighted the previous addresses and attempted to delete them. Still nothing happened and I was about to give up in despair when I inadvertently hit Return before right-clicking again on Delete and, lo and behold, the highlighted text vanished.

I’m sure there is a perfectly logical explanation although I hadn’t hit Return before being able to delete the text on my desktop.

I got there in the end and will tick this as Resolved but I must blame the current heat and humidity for my stupidity.

  Onizuka 16:36 27 Jun 2011

Well, I WOULD tick this as Resolved but I can’t for the life of me see how. I seem to recall that when this revamped PCA website was launched there were some threads about how to do it but I can’t find them.

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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