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Hotmail and Windows Live

  Ian in Northampton 18:43 08 Feb 2012

As the family computing guru (hah!) my sister sent me the following question. As I don't use, and know nothing about, either Hotmail or Windows Live, not only can I not answer her question - I don't even understand the question...

Perhaps someone else does - and can:

"As you know, I do my e mails through Hotmail which I access through MSN.

But sometimes, if I do a 'contact us' thing through a website, my message seems to go through Windows Live. But (again!) I have no record of 'sent' items this way and sometimes don't get a reply. Now I know that sometimes, occasionally, people might not want to reply to me (faint, shock, horror!!) but it would be nice to see what I've sent and when. Most recently asking Chiltern Railways for a refund which is time critical. Yes, I could phone and will probably have to, but what is this Windows Live thing? I looked on Google and it said to download something but surely it's the 'same' as Hotmail, isn't it?"

Can anyone help?

  Ian in Northampton 19:06 08 Feb 2012

That's very helpful, rdave - many thanks. Have relayed to my sister. I suspect that won't be the last we hear about it, though... :-(

  Ian in Northampton 18:13 12 Feb 2012

Sorry, Woolwell, didn't see this. Thanks.

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