Hotmail with Windows 7

  1st spring 08:21 04 Mar 2010

Could you tell me how do I make myself a hotmail with Windows 7. I have the page up saying Windows Live it is asking me for Live ID and password. I don't like to go ahead without being sure of what I am doing

  MAT ALAN 09:11 04 Mar 2010

click here
this may help...

  tullie 12:40 04 Mar 2010
  1st spring 22:05 04 Mar 2010

I am in Create your Windows live ID.

I have put down my chosen email address and password. Now is its asking me to choose an alternative email address in case I for get my password. Which will be my email address for people to send mail to me the first one or the alliterative one.

  Chris Webster 22:18 04 Mar 2010

The alternative email address is only used if you forget your password, (I use the one provided by my ISP)

The email address you chose at the initial set up is the one you use to send/receive your emails.

Hope this helps.

Regards, Chris.

  1st spring 13:23 05 Mar 2010

I made my hot mail. I forgot to put in capitals and I would like them. Is it possible to change it and put the capitals in or do you think I might lose the address if I come out and try again using all the info but changing 2 of the letters to Caps

  MAT ALAN 13:35 05 Mar 2010

Fire up MSN Messenger/hotmail

File, Sign Out, if signed in

File, Sign In... (not the entry that may already have your account name listed).

At the bottom of the resulting dialog box, click on Help

And on the resulting web page, click on Change My Password.

You'll then be prompted to log in to .NET Passport (using your old password) and then given the opportunity to change your password.

Remember that this applies to all services which use .NET Passport to login in, including Hotmail, MSN Messenger and more.

  Sea Urchin 13:44 05 Mar 2010

I think Sea Princess wants to change her email address - I may be wrong :@)

  1st spring 13:55 05 Mar 2010

Yes it is the email address I would like to change with a cap at the beginning and in the Middle

  Sea Urchin 13:56 05 Mar 2010

If it is your display name that you wish to change then open your Hotmail account - click on Options (top right) then More Options, and then under Manage your Account click on View and Edit your Personal Information. Under your account name click on Registered Information and then beside your name click Change Name. Type it as you wish, and then click Save.

  Sea Urchin 14:03 05 Mar 2010

Don't think you can amend the format of the email address.

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