Hotmail will not save email address and password.

  Meshuga 21:46 15 Jun 2005

When signing in to Hotmail I have 3 options. I can select " Save my email address and PW" OR "Save my email address" OR "Always ask for email address and PW. By default it always goes to Savemy email address and if I select Save my email address and PW it will never stay that way. Next time I boot up it will have gone to default. There is no Apply button or OK button. How can I get this to stay put please.

  wee eddie 22:14 15 Jun 2005

I have 2 hotmail and 1 msn addresses.

I think that if you swap between addresses you loose the configuration

  dagwoood 22:16 15 Jun 2005

Meshuga, what browser are you using? I know if I use Firefox to access my hotmail account, no matter what I've tried, I can't get it to save my password or email address. I can only get it to save these details if I use I.E.

  Meshuga 22:43 15 Jun 2005

wee eddie, I just have one hotmail address and one address in OE. dagwood, My browser is IE. Doesn`t matter what I try it wont save them. Thanks to you both.

  Meshuga 22:46 15 Jun 2005

Will pick up any further replies tomorrow.

  dagwoood 22:52 15 Jun 2005

Meshuga, in your internet options on the privacy page, have you got your slider set too high, i.e.your system's blocking the cookie from being placed on your system.

Also, don't sign out of your account, just navigate somewhere else or close your browser altogether.

  smokingbeagle 23:17 15 Jun 2005

Are you using a cleaner to remove cookies from your system ? That might be the reason.

  Meshuga 04:14 16 Jun 2005

Hi dagwood, my slider on the privacy page is set to medium which I eould have thought was ok but will try lowering it slightly and see if that works. smokingbeagle, I have not removed cookies for a while.

  picklsey 04:45 16 Jun 2005


i had the same problem untill i read your thread,every time i ran ccleaner it was removing the cookie i set ccleaner to ignore this cookie and i can now get into hotmail without having to sign in.hope this heps.

  Meshuga 14:53 16 Jun 2005

Hi picklsey, did as you suggested set cleaners to ignore the hotmail cookie and it now seems to be saving my email address and PW and logs straight in. Many thanks indeed.

  picklsey 15:01 16 Jun 2005


glad your ok now but the credit goes to smokingbeagle in your thread.cheers anyway.

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