Hotmail will not open in my IE browser

  laptopdunce 11:42 11 Jul 2013

I am using a windows XP laptop and all my favourite apps, ebay, gmail, yahoo, facebook etc., will all open when I click on the preferences bar at the top, I am using a yahoo homepage, but the icon will not open hotmail, it just brining up a page saying "cannot connect to internet" it also does this when I physically type in or or any sort of url which will get me access to hotmail. so my question is: why wont my browser open and what can I do to fix it? I can get into hotmail using my ohter laptop so the problem lies in this particular laptop! thanks LAPTOPDUNCE

  Nontek 11:54 11 Jul 2013

I think MSN is experiencing a problem at the moment, for the last couple of hours I have not been able to open my MSN UK homepage.

  laptopdunce 12:45 11 Jul 2013

Yes, I have just notice that on my other computer too, it must be the MSN that is down!! :-(((( Hmmm!!! I desperately wanted to find an email address in my contact box of hotmail - sh*t!!!!

  rdave13 15:20 11 Jul 2013

Try signing in via Link via Bing search as I can't link directly as already logged in.

  lotvic 15:58 11 Jul 2013

I can collect in email client on pc but can't sign in webmail through Firefox.


Try the direct link https dub122 as explained in the comments on click here works for me - straight into my webmail account (using Firefox)


  rdave13 16:24 11 Jul 2013

I can sign in to on Firefox and access one email. They've changed the rulse, I believe, and to access another mail address you need to log out and log in again with your other email address?

  rdave13 16:29 11 Jul 2013

Just checked, that rule comes to effect next month.

  Nontek 16:39 11 Jul 2013

My MSN.UK homepage is working OK again now.

  iscanut 17:25 11 Jul 2013

There were long periods today when neither myself or my wife could get Hotmail up on PC, Laptop or I Pad. It seems to be OK now.

  laptopdunce 02:42 13 Jul 2013

I have just got back into MSN Hotmail on my Dutch laptop in Holland so it must have been a network failure all over Europe as it wasn't opening up at all in England and then in Holland, but I could get into Hotmail on my smartphone at the airport but not on the laptop from a wifi router on a phone line when I arrived in Holland. LAPTOPDUNCE

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