Hotmail v NTL

  norming 21:18 01 Feb 2006

I work on Hotmail. Two of my contacts use NTL. I normally have 8 'postmaster' notifications in my in-box - all NTL delays or failures. I have no trouble receiving mail from them. Is there anything they or I can do to deal with this problem?

  billyliv 00:25 02 Feb 2006

I assume that what you are saying is, You cant send mail to the NTL contacts. Cheers, Bill

  beynac 06:45 02 Feb 2006

NTL are bouncing mail from some (or all) of Hotmail servers. This ( click here ) explains the situation.

  Wak 09:55 02 Feb 2006

I am with NTL and over 12 months ago opened a Hotmail account for myself.
I quickly found that I couldn't send myself e-mails either way and so cancelled the Hotmail Acc. Shame they can't sort this thing out between them.

  billyliv 10:35 03 Feb 2006

Hi norming, I have e.mail addresses with Hotmail. Ntlworld and an address with my Domain. My Domain mail is hosted by Freeola and is forwarded to NTL from Freeola. If I mail myself from Hotmail to my NTL account it is not received. If I mail myself from Hotmail to my Domain. I receive it in my NTL account. I didn't get your mail from hotmail but I got your mail this morning which I assume was sent from the PC advisor server. Cheers, Bill

  andy625 12:41 03 Feb 2006

I would ditch them both and switch to gmail. I can send you an invite if you let me know your email address.

  andy625 11:37 07 Feb 2006

did you get the invite?

  Sethhaniel 13:21 07 Feb 2006

had this trouble for months now

How can it be World Wide Web when petty squabbles are going on between the big names ;)

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