Hotmail, user verification grief!

  Mysticnas 11:39 10 Feb 2005

Hi all,

I've been experiencing problems with one of my hotmail accounts.

I've been using it for ages, years and it's been fine. I've been using it with Outlook 2003 for about a year or so too. I run XP Pro (upadated!)
Outlook is also updated too.

The problem that i get through outlook is when i try to send a message using that hotmail account i get an error message saying that it's not worked cuz my user id or password need to be verified or something. Sometimes it does go through and everything is fine, but the problem is occuring more and more over time.

I've contact msn about it and basically what they said was this:

"Naseem, we've recently implemented this feature to help protect MSN Hotmail users from junk e-mail (spam). We will periodically verify that our MSN Hotmail users are account holders with no automated programs designed to send large amounts of mail.

To verify the identity of users, we will occasionally prompt you to type the randomly generated text that is displayed. This is to verify that you're not an automated program abusing the MSN Hotmail Service. This precaution helps prevent malicious users from using programs to automatically send junk e-mail through Hotmail.

The recent issue you've experienced should now be resolved"

But the problem still persists! i've emailed them back a few days ago, but i haven't had a reply yet.

  Mysticnas 11:55 10 Feb 2005


  Mysticnas 13:57 10 Feb 2005


  Mysticnas 15:29 10 Feb 2005


  shaun10 13:04 11 Feb 2005


This started to occurr with me last week and is now daily to the point of everytime I try and look at my emails I get asked for my password and then a Pic Screen prompt, then password yet again. This may occur upto 6 times before I am alllowed in. Other friends of mine are now experiencing the same problems. None of us so far have had a response from MSN or anyone. SOme have decided to look elsewhere for there emails as I am now going to do and wind down the Hotmail one.

  Mysticnas 13:20 11 Feb 2005


I have a few hotmail accounts and this is the only one that's causing me grief, and it's the one that i use the most and all my contacts have know it.

If so many people are experiencing problems then surely MSN knows it's going on.

They must resolve the problem promptly.

  Mysticnas 14:06 11 Feb 2005

else with this problem?

  shaun10 12:24 12 Feb 2005

sorry if I beat about the bushes to try and explain as Mine is ok now. I also access my emails from outlook express through the NTL servers or however they link in. Yesterday afternoon I decided to alter the default mail from my Hotmail to another one as I was utterly cheeded off. Did it and later switched off still having the same problems. When I switched on late last night low and behold Hotmail opened up automatically and when I clicked the emails link - no problems straight in to the emails and back to normal. However I can still see them through Outlook, delete them and move them about to where ever. BUT Hotmail is not my default email address any longer. So was and does hotmail pick up on this fact somehow and now doesn't like it thinking its an automated email address and thus has been causing us grief. The other answer is they may have got there fingers out and cured it finally if so many have emailed them. Not sure which?

  Completealias 12:32 12 Feb 2005

Think i remember reading in PCA a couple of months back that hotmail are going to stop the free service of being able to use your hotmail account with outlook soon and you will have to pay for it. I have used yahoo with outlook with no problems

  taffyal 12:47 21 Feb 2005

I have accessed my Hotmail via Foxmail for months, suddenly it demands my password at least twice before allowing access. It will then give me my mail- (usually twice a day a mail asking me to follow a link that asks me to "copy the letters")-then it times out when I try to send mail. If I go to their website, I have to give password, then "copy the letters" before it lets me in!Their security is too much for me, I must now change everything to Gmail. Anyone wanting a Gmail account, let me know, I have 40+ going spare

  wee eddie 13:16 21 Feb 2005

Hotmail/MSN are shortly to start charging for the ability to access them via other methods.The reason for this is that one avoids their advertising and therefor looses them revenue.

There are relevant threads but I can't provide a link now.

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