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Hotmail & SPAM

  Gummomarx 12:43 23 Aug 2009

Just lately, SPAM has been sent from one of my Hotmail accounts to some of my contacts - no doubt by an external spamming machine. I've checked the 'Sent Items' folder and they appear there as sent messages.

I've sent Microsoft a report on this and I'm awaiting a response.

Any advice?

  Audio~~Chip 15:05 23 Aug 2009

Microsoft will not reply to you. In Hotmail if you get Spam or similar unwanted emails I would start by using the top option that says mark as Phishing Scam.

Never open Spam, if you are getting a lot say hundreds I would perosnally start fresh and sign up for a new Hotmail email address.

  Gummomarx 15:06 23 Aug 2009

Thanks, Audio~~Chip, but it's MY account that's sending the SPAM.

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