hotmail sending but not receiving

  howard60 17:21 16 Sep 2004

a friend is able to send e-mails but is not receiving any. Neither new ones or replies to her own. This is nothing to do with her pc as it is the same from other pcs at different locations. Hotmail security is set to low and no filters are in use. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  Diodorus Siculus 19:10 16 Sep 2004

Has she by any chance changed the default "from" address in her hotmail settings? If so, there may be a spelling mistake there...

  howard60 20:12 16 Sep 2004

no it neither works from previously stored address which worked perfectly to her own e-mails being replied to.

  gunner-joe 20:38 16 Sep 2004

I am wondering if you are using any new Anti virus or security programmes. Try accessing "tools" from your e-mail program then click accounts on the drop-down menu. Look for properties on the left side and check your details from there. It is also handy to check the box at the bottom which says "include this account when recieving/syncronizing". May I enquire why you set your security at "LOW" as you are inviting a lot of trouble into your computor. Sorry to sound base but I can only assume your situation as a whole. I hope you are helped by this message_Cheers

  french_always_sucked 20:59 16 Sep 2004

theres is an answer for this:
1, a goverment agencie is intercepting his emails
2, you have effectivily spammed an account and ur email has been blocked
3, maybe try anouther email account

  howard60 21:50 16 Sep 2004

gunner-joe she is using hotmail itself and in tools both at the top of the page and when in compose there is no accounts in a drop down menu.

  gunner-joe 12:22 17 Sep 2004

I shall consult a friend who knows a lot more than myself about hotmail. Hopefully I shall get back to you Howard with good news I hope!

  gunner-joe 12:36 17 Sep 2004

On advice from a LEARNED friend I am told that there is a limit to your email account. There is a chance your account may be full. Clearing the "sent" mail, Emptying the "Junk" mail and your inbox of all waste and of course permanently
deleting the deleted mail will free up some space. That is all I can advise I am afraid!The limit is 2mb I believe so that wouldn't take much to fill up-especially if your friend is popular!! Good luck...GJ

  howard60 12:38 17 Sep 2004

thanks all for your help but it appears to have been a problem with Hotmail itself. This morning all is well.

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