hotmail problems today??

  moby58 19:11 27 Nov 2004

anyone else having problems getting in to "hotmail" accounts today???or is it just me!?comes up msn error.....try again later....its been hours!

  moby58 19:43 27 Nov 2004

tried again...still wont let me in.tried an old account,which reactivated and was fine,but when i try my usual daily account comes up "try again later" "close all browsers""internal error"...????any ideas?

  Technotiger 20:21 27 Nov 2004

Hi, this has happened to me a couple of times in the recent past - my solution (and it worked) was to open msn explorer and get at hotmail from there. Cheers.

  johnnyrocker 21:29 27 Nov 2004

try deleting cookies and a reboot after.


  Wuggy 21:47 27 Nov 2004

How do you connect? I use Freeserve Anytime dial-up and can't connect to my hotmail account either. If I connect using other ISP's on same PC I have no problem. Seems there is a problem with Freeserve Anytime as I can't connect to my mail servers with them either.

  Wuggy 21:56 27 Nov 2004

Sorry. Just logged in and hadn't reached thread re Freeserve problems further down. Point still worth checking.

  moby58 22:49 27 Nov 2004

must have been a glitch in system-----suddenly its fine!thanks for all your help....

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