Hotmail overloaded?

  Gaz_dc 18:18 07 Jul 2005

I have received the following e-mail from my sister, which she received from a friend and passed on to me, thinking she was doing the right thing. I assume that the content is completely wrong and it is just a way of gathering e-mail addresses for spammers or perhaps a crude DOS attack trying to overload the Hotmail servers. What are your thoughts? There was an attachment shown next to the message in the inbox screen but not in the actual message, so I don't know if a virus is attached. My anti – virus software (AVG) didn't complain.

> >>>>>>Dear Hotmail User,
> >>>>>>>>> >>>Because of the sudden rush of people signing up to Hotmail, it
> >>>>>>>>>has come
> >>>>>>>>>to our attention that we are vastly running out of resources. So,
> >>>>>>>>>within
> >>>>>>>>>a month's time, anyone who does not receive this email with the
> >>>>>>>>>exact
> >>>>>>>>>subject heading, will be deleted off our server. Please copy and
> >>>>>>>>>paste
> >>>>>>>>>this email so that we know you are still using this account. We do
> >>>>>>>>>stress
> >>>>>>>>>to you to copy and paste this e-mail so that the information can be
> >>>>>>>>>read
> >>>>>>>>>clearly to the person(s) you send it to. Also please do not change
> >>>>>>>>>any of
> >>>>>>>>>the wordings otherwise the information may be misread!
> >>>>>>>>> >>>Thank You
> >>>>>>>>> >>>WARNING: We want to find out which users are actually using
> >>>>>>>>>their Hotmail >>>accounts. So if you are using your account, please
> >>>>>>>>>pass this e-mail to
> >>>>>>>>>every Hotmail user that you can and if you do not pass this letter
> >>>>>>>>>to
> >>>>>>>>>anyone we will presume that you do not use it and we will delete
> >>>>>>>>>your
> >>>>>>>>>account.
> >>>>>>>>> >>>We are very sorry for the inconvenience caused by this, but you
> >>>>>>>>>must
> >>>>>>>>>understand our dilema. Our databass is becoming too crowded and
> >>>>>>>>>without
> >>>>>>>>>deleting some users we will have to shut Hotmail down.
> >>>>>>>>> >>>Once again we a very sorry.
> >>>>>>>>> >>> >>>Yours Sincerely,
> >>>>>>>>> >>>Director of Hotmail Services Aaron Lope

  octal 18:25 07 Jul 2005

Email<------------------------->waste bin

  mattyc_92 18:56 07 Jul 2005

Hotmail doesn't e-mail things like this, as in the terms and cons of the free accounts it states that if you don't use your account for 30days or above, then you risk loosing your account and it will be "recycled".

So what octal says, bin it.

  sidecar sid 18:59 07 Jul 2005

Nothing worse than a crowded databass :-)

  VCR97 19:04 07 Jul 2005

and as for "vastly running out of resources"!

  Gaz_dc 19:07 07 Jul 2005

Exactly as I thought. I have told my sister to not bother passing this sort of thing on.


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