Hotmail and Outlook/Outlook Express

  pj123 14:49 24 Oct 2005

I have had a Hotmail email address for years and it is setup in OE to show any incoming emails.

I have just set up a Hotmail address for my partner but when I try to synch it with OE I get

"Acess to Hotmail via Outlook and Outlook Express now requires a subscription. Please sign up at"

When did that happen?

I checked the site but it only mentions Hotmail + nothing about the free Hotmail account.

  wee eddie 15:03 24 Oct 2005

Hotmail is still free, but if you wish to view your Hotmail mail through either Outlook or Outlook Express.

Then you will have to pay a subscription now. It started a wee while ago, not long I believe.

  pj123 16:49 24 Oct 2005

wee eddie, thanks mate. So it looks like I will have to show her how to access her Hotmail account via the web rather than mine which has all the Hotmail folders in OE.

The only reason for doing this is because a couple of her friends are getting "undelivered" email on her NTL account. I also get people telling me they have sent emails to me on my NTL account which I don't get, (mainly from people who are on AOL). My NTL account is set up to forward all emails to my Hotmail account. So I usually get them twice. Once in NTL (if it works) and once in Hotmail.

Not too much of a problem.

  Batch 18:12 24 Oct 2005

Sign-up for a pay as you go account with tiscali, but don't use the dial-up facility. Then you can access the tiscali mail account from OE or as webmail and you don't need to periodically connect using the dial-up account (whereas with wanadoo you do).

  TomG 18:28 24 Oct 2005

I've had the time out message when sending messages to a hotmail account - I increased the time-out and it seems to have sorted the problem out.

  octal 18:31 24 Oct 2005

If you still want to use OE install this little application click here I've been using it for all my web mail accounts to access them in Thunderbird.

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