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  Old Geeza 13:33 05 Aug 2012

I stupidly changed my email to a account from a account and cannot get my old one back now, I need to link other websites ie twitter, skype etc to the new email account but I dont know how to. Any help appreciated

  Nontek 14:08 05 Aug 2012

Try a System Restore, back to before you made the change.

  Woolwell 14:17 05 Aug 2012

System restore is unlikely to help as this is a change of e-mail address.

You will need to go to twitter, etc log in and change your e-mail address. Your old e-mail address will probably be recognised by them.

  Nontek 14:22 05 Aug 2012


I made a similar mistake with the 'New' Outlook/Hotmail thingy - it mucked up my usual email address but a System Restore cured it for me!

  Woolwell 14:30 05 Aug 2012

Nothing lost by trying system restore but it must have changed a setting on your pc.

  Woolwell 14:32 05 Aug 2012
  Nontek 14:59 05 Aug 2012

Yes, I think it did change a setting within my Incredimail program, but all is ok now.

  kdt 21:57 05 Aug 2012

go to options...wheel gives you option to revert back to hotmail

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