Is Hotmail off or is it just me?

  RedheadVenus 01:09 03 Sep 2003

Can't get into Hotmail at all - strange message about my browser - is it just me or have others had the same problem today?

  leo49 01:17 03 Sep 2003


Just you,I'm afraid. Just been in 30secs ago


  RedheadVenus 01:27 03 Sep 2003

Hi Leo. See the message below mine - you must be very lucky indeed to get in is all I can say!

  Meshuga 07:42 03 Sep 2003

Hi RHV. I`ve just retrieved emails via hotmail.
No problems. Regards, Meshuga.

  diamond57 08:08 03 Sep 2003

I've been in mine at about 3.30am to 5am and then for the last fifteen minutes with no problems at all.

  nobrain 08:12 03 Sep 2003

I think its just Aol thats not working with Hotmail they are trying to sort the problem its taken them 24 hours so far!

  Border View 08:48 03 Sep 2003

I'm with Lineone and have just been in and updated to msm6 with no problems, other than having to do a msconfig to stop it automatically starting up when I start my computer.

  RedheadVenus 00:52 04 Sep 2003

Yes, it was an AOL problem and now, thankfully, fixed.

  Kaacee 10:03 04 Sep 2003

For information folks...AOL/MSN/Hotmail up and running again......

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