Hotmail Not Working - ie6

  hydrok 15:12 04 Dec 2003

Running WinXp Service Patch 1 - 1G Ram - 2.4G AMD - 56k Dial-Up - In single-tasking mode - No extras running in Task Bar.
Hotmail does not load after entering Username & Password. Trys to load then reverts back to password fillin form. Keeps repeating. The same Username and Password works on other computers I have. Internet temp cache is empty and C Drive has over 5G free space. Have tried un-installing and re-installing IE6. Did not help. Will try re-installing again unless someone has an answer.

  hydrok 15:15 04 Dec 2003

Using Outlook Express messages are downloaded from my account. This problem occurs when accessing Hotmail through MSN Home Page.

  Diodorus Siculus 15:17 04 Dec 2003

Try deleting the cookies if you have not done so - or at least the MS cookies.

You know that you may have to enter in your email address as the username, I presume.

  hydrok 23:34 04 Dec 2003

Cookies are routinely removed upon exiting IE6 using History Kill. Have been using hotmail for about 6 years. Re-installing WinXP does not help. Can do a clean install of WinXP, but there must be another solution. Thanks for the response.

  A_World_Maker 00:01 05 Dec 2003

Net.Passport requires you to allow cookies.... and not just the good ones either, you have to virtually give your machine to it, before it will allow you to sign in. I suspect you have a firewall enabled, that will need tuning. Also add and other related websites, to the 'trusted zone' of IE... funniest part?.. when you upgrade the OS and IE... it automatcially upgrades your security, and then blockes you from microsoft websites like msn LOL.. maybe microsoft is suspicous of itself?

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