hotmail not sending or recieving

  carwynlloyd 15:05 17 Sep 2004

Help please, my hotmail account wont send hotmail emails and wont recive them. If they do go through then it takes about a day, i still recive other emails but not from hotmail accounts, msn wont help me because its a free hotmail account and therefore am not allowed to get help!, my isp says it nothing to do with them (bt by the way), plus ive tried a few diffrent account on diffrent pcs and still wont work, anyone know why, are hotmail having problems with some servers?

  Baledor 15:07 17 Sep 2004

support, unlike PC and software problems, it is unlikely that anyone here will have access to the underlying systems that run Hotmail.

  carwynlloyd 15:13 17 Sep 2004

i have tried contacting hotmail they are usless, i was wondering if anyone else has had my problem

  dave_the_red 16:23 17 Sep 2004

I have had the same problem with them. I am recieving e-mails a long time after they are sent but they take even longer if the mail is from another hotmail account. My girlfriend has also got the same problem.

Very annoying

  carwynlloyd 16:37 17 Sep 2004

how long has it been acting for you? it been like this for 2 days with me and am already anoyed

  dave_the_red 09:05 20 Sep 2004

It has been like this for a few weeks with my account. Hope it gets sorted soon.

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