Hotmail - None existent message blocking account

  Jester2K 16:38 18 Feb 2004

Any one else had this?

I have 3 Hotmail accounts which i monitor through Mailwasher and then use OE 6 to send and receive.

I've just had OE and Mailwasher lock up on me because it tells me there is a message called "Don't let your MSN Hotmail account freeze up!" in the mail box which may have been removed.

Thinking this could be some sort of clever e-mail that locks up your account I went in through the website and removed the message from all 3 accounts. Each time if i tried to open the message (from Hotmail by the way) it said the message didn't exist!

Anyone else?

  Edbanger 16:45 18 Feb 2004

The same message "Don't let your MSN Hotmail account freeze up!" on 2 Hotmail accounts.

No message showing when I tried to open them.


  Jester2K 16:47 18 Feb 2004

Is HotMail trying to be ironic?

  Indigo 1 20:07 18 Feb 2004

I got the same message but it didn't cause any problems for me..... sorry.

  Robotic_Rob 20:45 18 Feb 2004

didnt cause any probs 4 me either.

  explicitlyrics100 20:52 18 Feb 2004

lol i got it too, had to delete from internet explorer

  weedode 23:03 18 Feb 2004

I had the same message when I checked my mail at about 1300hrs. When I rechecked at about 1730hrs I received and was able to read the email ( you are not missing much ).

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