dilshouse 21:08 19 Sep 2004

Has anyone had experience of their hotmail messages being "delayed"? I'm receiving warning messages from hotmail advising me that some of my messages are being delayed. No time scale is given and the message is only "a warning" but I think it's a bit strange and would like to know if anyone else has experienced this before or can explain. Thanks....

  Irishman 21:13 19 Sep 2004

Got the same messages. No idea why. I've also had one email sent to me that took two days. Quicker by post!

  howard60 21:41 19 Sep 2004

I believe hotmail are doing major work associated with the new increased limits for accounts. Various people are being affected for 1 or 2 days and then everything is back to normal.

  Meshuga 22:00 19 Sep 2004

Hows this for delay. I received an email via hotmail yesterday that my cousin sent to me on 21 APRIL 2004. These dates are confirmed on the email. Five Months!!!!. Meshuga.

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