Hotmail Hacked?

  igk 13:01 11 May 2010

Over the last 48 hours I'm getting a lot of my contacts sending dodgy emails from their Hotmail accounts closely followed by apologies from them stating that their email has been hacked.
This is too much of a coincedence and I'm thinking that somehow Hotmail servers have been compromised and of course M$ are not going to say much are they?

  anchor 13:49 11 May 2010

I also have just received a false message from a friend in Canada with a Hotmail account.

She said she was "broke", in the UK, & asked that I send her a loan of US$3000.

This was followed by another saying she was not in the UK, and had reported this to the Toronto police. She thought her computer had been hacked.

  igk 14:18 11 May 2010

I'm pretty certain this is a Hotmail problem as computers have been checked and scanned with no problems and it's too much of a coincedence as said that they are all coming from Hotmail accounts.

  Woolwell 14:52 11 May 2010

This is not the first time I have come across this problem with hotmail. A family member has had their hotmail account hacked twice. My advice now is try googlemail instead.

  tullie 16:56 11 May 2010

Your friends,and yourself should change passwords.I had this problem last year,the change of password sorted it.

  Sea Urchin 16:59 11 May 2010
  eedcam 18:43 11 May 2010

Ditto on the password change to cure also sign out every time

  FRANKMAC 16:19 12 May 2010

This is a very common problem. The password change will sort the problem, and also advise your contacts to do the same, one of them ahs probably openend an email from a "dodgy" source and it will get passed around. It is also very good practice to change your password at regular intervals.

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