Hotmail fancy emails

  collinsc 17:52 19 Jul 2008


I recently 'signed up' for a hotmail add on where you can send mails with fancy backgrounds.

It has placed a folder in my document called 'My Stationery' where it contains images of the backgrounds you can have when sending an e-mail.

However, i cant actually work out how to use them!
Do i have to sign into something special rather than simply hotmail!?


  collinsc 19:52 19 Jul 2008

i dont recall the instructions - which i know isnt good! i just rushed through it. im thinking perhaps i didnt complete it correctly.

no-nothing todo with outlook express.

i think i was signing up to hotmail live or something! but i just ticked the 'mail' box - specifically for this functionality i mention, whi i required.

  Technotiger 20:21 19 Jul 2008

If you want fancy backgrounds and lots more try Incredimail click here - works grreat with hotmail.

  collinsc 11:57 20 Jul 2008

thanks guys - still not working though... i sign in and the toolbar isnt there. there is no tiny icon next to the question mark. i just have "options" next to the question mark - and none of the options are relevant.

  collinsc 13:08 20 Jul 2008

there isn't even a 'tools' menu...! unless im mistaken..
im signing into windows livemail

  collinsc 14:11 20 Jul 2008

ALT + M brings up my favourites bar....

  collinsc 14:34 20 Jul 2008

im in windows live mail...
The only icon i have next to the blue question mark is "options" !!!

  collinsc 15:22 20 Jul 2008

ah ok... well it did it automatically... i did not ralise i was downloading anything until i saw the 'stationery' folder. i had assumed it was all web based!

  collinsc 15:35 20 Jul 2008

thanks for confirming - i was always under the impression hotmail could not be run through outlook...!

  collinsc 15:41 20 Jul 2008

great- thanks... i think ill need to restart the install - something has gone wrong.

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