Hotmail fancy emails

  collinsc 17:52 19 Jul 2008


I recently 'signed up' for a hotmail add on where you can send mails with fancy backgrounds.

It has placed a folder in my document called 'My Stationery' where it contains images of the backgrounds you can have when sending an e-mail.

However, i cant actually work out how to use them!
Do i have to sign into something special rather than simply hotmail!?


  Sea Urchin 19:04 19 Jul 2008

What program was it you "signed up" for? Are you sending Hotmail via Outlook Express or using the website? OE has stationery backgrounds, but I'm not aware of this on Hotmail. Were there no instructions on the site you signed up to?

  collinsc 19:52 19 Jul 2008

i dont recall the instructions - which i know isnt good! i just rushed through it. im thinking perhaps i didnt complete it correctly.

no-nothing todo with outlook express.

i think i was signing up to hotmail live or something! but i just ticked the 'mail' box - specifically for this functionality i mention, whi i required.

  Technotiger 20:21 19 Jul 2008

If you want fancy backgrounds and lots more try Incredimail click here - works grreat with hotmail.

  collinsc 11:57 20 Jul 2008

thanks guys - still not working though... i sign in and the toolbar isnt there. there is no tiny icon next to the question mark. i just have "options" next to the question mark - and none of the options are relevant.

  Sea Urchin 12:02 20 Jul 2008

What are you signing in to? It should be Windows Live Mail - click on Tools > Options and follow Marg7's instructions above

  collinsc 13:08 20 Jul 2008

there isn't even a 'tools' menu...! unless im mistaken..
im signing into windows livemail

  Sea Urchin 13:17 20 Jul 2008

So back to Marg7's post - on your keyboard Alt+M will give you a menu - it will offer you Layout, Options, Safety Options, Customise Toolbars and Show All Menus. Click on the last one and you will see your Menu bar - now you will have a Tools menu.

  collinsc 14:11 20 Jul 2008

ALT + M brings up my favourites bar....

  Sea Urchin 14:19 20 Jul 2008

Have you opened Windows Live Mail? On the toolbar click on the Show Menu icon - it is next to the blue Help question mark as Marg7 says.

  collinsc 14:34 20 Jul 2008

im in windows live mail...
The only icon i have next to the blue question mark is "options" !!!

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