Hotmail e mail, but wrong name

  Rhuddlan 23:47 09 Feb 2005

Hi there, strange problem I have here, I recieved an e mail from one of my contacts, but with a different contact name. What I mean is that when I opened my inbox it said a contact's name, but when I opened the e mail it was from someone else, this has happened twice today, we both have windows xp home sp2 and msn messenger 7.0. Also in these messages there seems to be a txt attachment, which is 0.01Mb in size, I click on this in the e mail and it asks me if I want to attach another file, but I haven't attached anything in the first place, so what's going on? Any known problems at the mo? I know MSN Messenger was down last night due to hardware problem. Thanks for any help in advance, Rhuddlan

  end 00:43 10 Feb 2005

I know it is not strictly the same issue, but I am sure I read yesterday with the messenger service that bugs and the like can be transmitted in the attachements ; so you should only accept things that you know are from bona fide people

and, as to the e mail addresses, are you sure that they are not "spamming " ones:(

  Rhuddlan 01:11 10 Feb 2005

Hi there, don't think they are, the name of one of my contacts was the title of the e mail in my inbox, but like I said when I opened it the was another contact which sent it me, it has happened three times now, just received another e mail from her, have phoned her up and told her, she doesn't seem to be having any problems, roll on the official verison of msn 7, thanks for the help anyway.

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