Hotmail crashing Safari after IOS upgrade

  Zurdo 17:24 25 Nov 2014

After upgrading my IPad Air to IOS 8.1.1 is randomly causing Safari to crash. I've deleted history etc. deleted all data and restored from an ICloud backup but the problem is still there. Anybody else having this issue or know how to cure it?

  Zurdo 21:04 25 Nov 2014

Thanks there Woolwell. I've got chrome but not keen on it. Anyway I've added my hotmail account to the IPad inbuilt mail and can access it there no problem. it was just annoying me that Safari was crashing with Hotmail, it works fine otherwise. Pity there's no Firefox for IPad! Thanks again I'll tick this solved as I can't see anyone can fix it at the moment.

  iscanut 12:05 26 Nov 2014

My I padcrashes also when I try to log in to Hotmail. I also use the inbuilt mail system to recover mail but prefer the proper site. I have given up and use Chrome for logging in and that works fine.

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