Hotmail and cookies

  John Ross 10:38 04 Dec 2011

am trying to reduce the number of tracking cookies that are appearing on my PC. I use Firefox 3.6.17. I have blocked all the ones that I have guessed are intrusive 9there are lods being added!). Clearly I have not got it right for Hotmail, as although I thought I had allowed the necessary ones I get the message :

" * This site may be experiencing a problem * The site may not be a member of the Windows Live Network You can: * You can sign in or sign up at other sites on the Windows Live Network, or try again later at this site."

when I try to log in.

Can you tell me which cookies I need to unblock to get it working ?

What is the best (free?) programme to use to block and remove unwanted cookies ?

Thank you!

  John Ross 23:14 05 Dec 2011

Any thoughts?

I am surprised how few of us seem concenred about the truly astonishing numbers of cookies that are fired off by even supposedly bone fide mainstream sites when I switch on monitoring, many/most of which are for undisclosed commercial purpose, and remain active even when one moves on from the website. On the opther hand, when one blocks cookies then loads of sites will no longer work. Is there a way of blocking these tracking cookies whilst just allowing those that are required for the site to function?

  ACOLYTE 23:48 05 Dec 2011

I don't use Hotmail that much so cannot comment on what cookies you need to keep/block,but i do use a program called cookiewall to block cookies,atm i have 673 cookies that i kill(delete automatically) when they arrive and out of these i have 20221 kills,that is how many times these 673 cookies have tried to get back on my system and been blocked/deleted as they arrive.

I also have my settings to allow session cookies and block 3rd party cookies under Internet options.Seems to work well for me.

  Woolwell 11:40 06 Dec 2011

Using Firefox 3? It is up to Firefox 8 now. You may want to update Firefox.

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