Hotmail code preventing me updating my account

  PamS 20:30 31 Jul 2014

When I sign in to my hotmail account, I am told a code will be sent to my (now obsolete) home email address. Because I don't have this code, I can't access my account details to update my home email address - so I can't therefore get this code sent to me. How can I resolve this please?

  tullie 20:39 31 Jul 2014

Cant you just use your old email address just for this purpose?

  Woolwell 21:37 31 Jul 2014

You don't have to use an email address. If you have a mobile you can select to have an SMS sent.

  rdave13 23:46 31 Jul 2014

Don't click any links and reboot. If you have clicked links to verify just reboot again. If Win 8 just log in with your windows account password .

  rdave13 00:00 01 Aug 2014

Another thought, use Windows Live Mail as your computer's mail client so you can save your emails from 'Cloud' features. Logging in to using your browser might also by-pass the security question unless your account has been hacked.

  PamS 07:20 01 Aug 2014

Many thanks for all your replies. Unfortunately none of your suggestions will work and that is probably because I wasn't very clear re the problem. I can access my hotmail emails on my Ipad with no problem. The issue I have is when I am trying to access hotmail on our home pc, which has Vista. I enter my login details on the Sign in page and then this extra security code request comes up. There are only two options - one is my old & obsolete email address and the other is "I can't verify". There is no way I can access my personal account details to update my new home email address - can't do this on my Ipad as I can only access and work with emails - unless there is a feature I can't see/find? I do need access to hotmail on the pc and not just my Ipad as I have work on there I use. I don't want to set up a new email account either unless I really have to.

  BillSers 08:22 01 Aug 2014

Use your Ipad to reset the security details, ie they will send you a code to your Ipad so when you get locked out again you can use those details to get back in with both pc and phone.

  PamS 10:09 01 Aug 2014

Many thanks BillSers for your response. As mentioned, I cannot access my account via the Ipad. I have access to my emails, but nothing else. If I try to go on to hotmail's website on the Ipad, I come up against the same request for a code that I do from the pc. I can't find any way of contacting Microsft/Hotmail direct to ask them either.

  Woolwell 10:37 01 Aug 2014

Sorry to go over this again but starting with the log in can you enter your email address and password? Does it then ask to verify? In the drop down menu you can chose to have a text sent instead of email. Is that option available?

  PamS 13:07 01 Aug 2014

Hi Woolwell. No, the only two options are the obsolete email address and "I can't verify my account". I have tried the latter option and the following comes up, which doesn't make much sense as to why I was asked for a code in the first place:

"You can continue using your account normally For your protection, replacing your security info takes 30 days. During this time:

You'll be able to access your email, Skype, OneDrive, and devices as usual. Only actions that require security info (like checking your billing details) will be unavailable. During this time, we might periodically ask to confirm that you requested these changes. The wait makes it harder for someone else to take over your account with a stolen password. Learn more."

  lotvic 14:29 01 Aug 2014

Is this info any help? How do I replace all my security info? What should I know about the 30-day waiting period? ClickHere

"Microsoft will sometimes ask you to verify your account. We do this to help protect you, and make sure that you are in fact the correct person attempting to access your info. However, if all of your security info is incorrect or out of date—for example, if you no longer use any of the phone numbers or alternate email addresses associated with your account—you need to delete the out-of-date info and update your account with new security info."

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