Hotmail Attachments

  Rhuddlan 02:43 10 Dec 2004

When sending a file or files with e mails via hotmail to my online contacts, it says that hotmail has blocked the attchments, they haven't got virus or anything, so why block them??? They are perfectley safe and have been scanned for viruses, so what's the problem??? I have win xp home and zonealarm 5.5, as well as avg 7.0 and msn explorer, which is where I am trying to send it from!!! Any ideas???

  Valvegrid 07:09 10 Dec 2004

Try sending them in zip format, this is a good program: click here just make sure your colleague who receives your message is able to un-zip your file.

Its not unusual for for Hotmail to block files, especially files ending in .exe, .vbs or .scr to name but a few, but if you zip them that should work.

  Rhuddlan 14:15 10 Dec 2004

Thanks for that link and info, I will use that program in future. Very grateful, Rhuddlan.

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