Hotmail asking for additional security info

  VCR97 19:04 10 Jun 2012

This evening I signed in to my primary Hotmail account and was presented with what looked like a genuine Hotmail page which said that they needed additional information in case they needed to contact me if I forgot my password. I don't see how any such information would be of use in that situation. The page asked for my phone number and an alternative e-mail address. It also suggested that I might want to change my security question. I didn't like the look of this so I signed out. I then signed into my secondary Hotmail address, which has a limited circulation, and no request page appeared. I returned to my primary address and no request page appeared. I have retried both addresses again with no further appearance of the page. Anyone else had this?

  rdave13 19:34 10 Jun 2012

The additional info, such as an alternative email is a good idea. It might have been genuine but I also would have signed out just in case my password had been compromised. Log in here and manage your accounts.

Live">">Live accounts.

Make sure you give an alternative email, nowt to do with WLM, so if your account gets hacked or corrupted you will have an alternative addy to contact Microsoft.

  rdave13 19:36 10 Jun 2012
  rdave13 19:38 10 Jun 2012

Give up but you can start here

  VCR97 19:53 11 Jun 2012

Thanks for the reply. I have alternative, non-Hotmail addresses. It's rather worrying that no Hotmail user has responded so it looks as if nobody else received the request for additional info. I tried e-mailing Hotmail to check but there doesn't appear to be a way of e-mailing them. There's no "Contact Us" button and the "Help" section only permits predefined questions. The request hasn't appeared again so I will assume that it was dodgy and will change my password.

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