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  tonyx1302 18:16 21 Jun 2003

How do I remove the list of address's when I receive an email. When I receive an email that has been forwarded to me and a long list of other people how can I forward the contents of the email only and not the list of address's. Plus I can I print an email without all the address's

  Agent Smith 18:25 21 Jun 2003

I would simply copy the contents and paste them into a new e-mail.

  Ironman556 18:25 21 Jun 2003

The best way if would be to copy the contents of the email, then send a new one and paste the contents back in.

When you print, highlight the bit you want, then go file, print so that the dialogue box appears, and set it to print selection.

  Agent Smith 18:31 21 Jun 2003

I just tried that and it works, however, using the right mouse button to paste from the context menu doesn't work or at least doesn't work on my system. You may have to use the Edit function or Ctrl+v to paste your copied text.

  tonyx1302 18:34 21 Jun 2003

O.K. You have sussed me out. Not only am I new to the Internet but I am dumb as well!!! How the hell do I copy and paste back? ( in idiot proof gargon language please)

Thanks for your help Agent Smith,Ironman etc

  VoG® 18:36 21 Jun 2003

Select the text you want by left clicking at the top of it, keep left mouse button pressed and drag the mouse down the page as far as you want.

Then press CTRL+C to copy.

Go to your new message and CTRL+V to paste.

  Legolas 18:41 21 Jun 2003

You can highlight the text you want to copy from the hotmail message right click and choose 'copy' then click compose to compose a new message click on the 'edit' tab at the top of your browser and choose 'paste' the text you copied will be pasted into the new message.

  Agent Smith 18:54 21 Jun 2003

Don't be ashamed to let people know that you are new or inexperienced. If we know then replies can be couched in a simpler way so that you understand and it then saves people from having to explain things twice. We were all novices once. Keep at it and you will soon get to grips with your PC and will soon be offering advice of your own. Regards, Bob.

  Legolas 18:57 21 Jun 2003

Ditto to what Agent Smith says. The people who learn are the people who can admit they need a bit of help.

  Legolas 19:00 21 Jun 2003

I just learned the keyboard shortcuts from VoG®'s post. I am hopeless when it comes to these I learn them then never use them.

  VoG® 19:06 21 Jun 2003

click here

There will be a test on Monday!

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