Hotmail account duplication?

  bertietheblue 10:25 05 Jan 2010


I'm new here and have registered because I've got an urgent problem - any help would be appreciated:

Someone or something is sending all my contacts spam from my hotmail account. I don't know if they're sending spam from my account directly or if they are simply duplicating my account. I do know that the spam isn't being picked up as spam by work (I work at home and email via a secure VPN) so I'm assuming it's coming directly from me. Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks all

  Technotiger 10:31 05 Jan 2010

Hi, welcome to the best Forum on the Net ...

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  bertietheblue 11:15 05 Jan 2010

Thanks I'll run the software on both computers and we'll see how it goes. Is it likely my address is simply being spoofed?

My password is 'strong' (mix of letters, digits, case) so like to think my actual account isn't being accessed.


  Technotiger 11:15 05 Jan 2010

Yes, probably spoofed! It happens a lot.

  bertietheblue 13:47 05 Jan 2010


The malware found no infected files and the spyware just picked up adware tracking cookies which I deleted. Any other ideas? I'm currently running Avast anti-virus but otherwise any ideas? Just to add, I looked in my Sent folder and all the guilty emails are there but from IP address which is different from mine. Also, strangely I've no sent emails in my Sent folder for the last 18 months, other than these spoof emails and emails I've written today.

Thanks for the help

  Technotiger 13:56 05 Jan 2010

A lot to read here, but about the best I can offer ... Good luck, though it will probably go away of its own accord eventually.

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