Hotmail Account Duplicated

  ponytail 10:15 24 Jun 2012

I have two hotmail accounts one I use regular and the other only occasionally.Went to use the second one today but could not remember the password so I reset it.When I looged in it showed almost 200 emails some were invoices for purchases and some showed delivery times for these purchases.I then noticed that the accoun was showing as being in someone elses name and these invoices were in that persons name.How can he have the same account as me.Any ideas

  lotvic 11:45 24 Jun 2012

What method did you use to reset the password? Secret answer or send to alternate email addy?

Also some (alot?) of the emails might just be spam phishing emails (Invoices and delivery emails)

I have to admit that I inadvertently took over someone else's hotmail account about 4 years ago. I thought they had hijacked mine and by a roundabout route of finding their details I mistakenly 'took it back'.

  ponytail 13:02 24 Jun 2012

Hi lotvic When I went to reset the password the secret question was not one I had chose my secret question is always what was your grandfathers occupation but they asked me where my mother was born and I have never used that question.This persons alternate email address was on the hotmail account so I forwarded one of the invoices to that address and it went through will now wait and see if I get a reply.There was also a notification of a order there from Littlewoods so I sent a reply to them to see if they could explain why it was sent to my address.By the way is there any way of contacting hotmail.

  lotvic 13:53 24 Jun 2012

If you didn't have the answer to the secret question and the alternate email addy was not yours, how did you manage to reset the password and gain access to the account?

When I did it I got their password via guesswork from their details (middle name) so it was pure fluke fuelled by my sense of indignation (that turned out to be uncalled for).

In my case the email addy was exactly the same except mine had an _ halfway through and I'd missed it out when logging on.

I don't know how or if you can contact Hotmail, don't think they support free hotmail addys.

  ponytail 16:29 24 Jun 2012

Hi Again lotvic, As far as I can remember this is what happened.I went to log in to the hotmail account but the password would not work.I then chose reset password and the secret question was where was your mother born my first answer was wrong I then entered another answer and this was correct dont know why as have never used that question before.When I got into my inbox there were almost 200 emails some of which had been read but not by me as I had never seen them before.In the top right hand corner it had the name of Paul Briant as the account holder and all the emails were addressed to him.I have now changed the password again using my original secret question.I have also forwarded some of the emails to his alternative email address and maybe will get a answer.

  lotvic 16:43 24 Jun 2012

O-oh, fluke guess, sounds so very similar to mine...... are you really, really sure you have typed your email address correctly?

  lotvic 16:44 24 Jun 2012

or it could be the .com or part?

  Dagcon 11:36 25 Jun 2012

@lotvic please recheck the Email address & the spelling of it, if you still think that it's yours only then may it was got hacked some how & some one else was using your Email which you had already recovered. So don't worry now, you already had done your job by sending the Email on the alterante mail address of that fellow. So if the other reply to your mail then well & good or else just enjoy your email address. And the last thing, you can block those spam emails of invoice.

Enjoy :)

  lotvic 11:49 25 Jun 2012

Dagcon, Thank you for your kind post, (I note that you just joined forum so welcome)

Unfortunately I think you have mixed up me with the Thread Starter (ponytail - whose posts are on a blue background) I can only presume your kind assurances were meant for ponytail.

  Dagcon 09:18 27 Jun 2012

@lotvic - thanks buddy, Yes you are rite I missed the username on my previous post it should be @ponytail

Thanks for the warm welcome

  lotvic 13:52 06 Jul 2012

Dagcon, I withdraw my welcome. You have been posting SPAM in other threads.

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