Hotmail Account Deletions

  imindoors 19:58 18 Jan 2003
  imindoors 19:58 18 Jan 2003

My daughter has now flown the nest.

But has left numerous Hotmail Accounts on the Comp.

I know one way to get rid of them is to Ignore them for 3 months and there automatically closed.

Does anyone know of a quicker way to Delete the Accounts for Good?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

  imindoors 20:36 18 Jan 2003

Needto clear these if Possible

  WiLL-A 20:45 18 Jan 2003

If these accounts are within Outlook Express then simply go to the accounts section within the Tools menu and simply select and remove the account.

If your daughter accessed them from MS Messenger then I think the best way is to delete this program and then download and reinstall it.

To delete MS Messenger you need to go into windows explorer and locate the folder within the program files folder and remove it from there.

You may need to run Task manger (CTRL + ALT + DEL) and remove the program from memory if it is running for you to able to do this.

You may also have to rename the MSM folder to something as well before you can delete it.

Hope this helps!

  howard60 20:47 18 Jan 2003

at hotmail and then somewhere there is a delete account.

  WiLL-A 20:52 18 Jan 2003

I was assuming that you didnt know the passwords to these accounts of course.

  imindoors 10:05 19 Jan 2003

Everyone for your Input.

Howard 60. No there is no facility within M S N to delete the Accounts

Will-A Yes i do have her password but logging on to them does not have a facility to discontinue or deleting the accounts.

Looks like just ignoring them is the only option I have.

Unless anyone else has any Ideas.

  leo49 10:29 19 Jan 2003

Click on Hotmail Help.

Click 'Show all topics'

Click 'About your Hotmail account[right at the bottom]to expand the list, and the last item is 'Close your Hotmail account'.

Click this to go to the cancellation/closure page.REgards

  imindoors 18:20 19 Jan 2003

Leo 49

Found it and have succesfully deletedthe offending Accounts

Much oblidged to all


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