ponytail 13:02 17 Jun 2011

I use hotmail as one of my email providers and wanted another email account so I clicked on sign up and created it and received a email from hotmail so the account was I thought set up.Later when I went to sign in it says invalid email address or password.I know they are correct as I wrote them down as I created the account.I have now created four new accounts but am unable to sign in to any.How do I get in touch with hotmail ie email them with this problem.Do not want to try to create another account if I can help it.All the email addresses and passwords were correct as I said I wrote them down as I created them and I received a email from them to those addresses.Can someone advise.

  wee eddie 13:05 17 Jun 2011

Sometimes this can be as simple as the Caps Lock being left on at the wrong time.

  ponytail 17:05 17 Jun 2011

I have just tried to create another new account and made sure that no caps on did it slowly to make sure and wrote down everything so no mistake on my part.Received a email from hotmail saying getting started with windows live hotmail so far so good.One hour later tried to sign in got the message invalid email address or password.Tried to reset the password but email address did not match.They now say I have reached my limit on accounts but five of them I cannot sign into anyone have any ideas.How do I contact them

  rdave13 17:25 17 Jun 2011

Try the link *Ask your question in the Windows Live Solution Center * here

  rdave13 17:34 17 Jun 2011

PS you should verify the new accounts via a third party email address, if I remember correctly, before you can use the new accounts.

  ponytail 09:01 18 Jun 2011

Hi rdave13 thanks but can you simplfy it for me do you mean when I create the new account I need to send a email to another email address to verify it

  Noldi 09:11 18 Jun 2011

Be carefull some are and some are I made this mistake recently when I set up a account just to recieve some information without having to deal with spam later.


  ponytail 09:33 18 Jun 2011

Hi Noldi I have just created another account and this time when I received a email from hot mail which is just a sort of welcome message I sent a email from it to my BT email address and when I checked on there it was there.I then sent a reply back to my new hotmail address but when I tried to sign it it said again invalid email address or password how can that be.I sent a email to it and from it so what can be the problem

  rdave13 14:05 18 Jun 2011

I've just set up a new account using the address. It's working ok. During the setup I used a third party email so windows live team can confirm who I am and not the security word. You can use any webmail such as Gmail or AOL mail etc. Logging in via the MSN page using the hotmail link, I've checked my profile and the other email( Gmail) has been confirmed automatically as I used it on my original account. One thing to try is to log on via the MSN page with your working address and select profile (near your name top right). Select privacy settings then select mail on the left. Select account overview and scroll down a bit to linked IDs. Select Add Linked ID. In the next page you'll have to re-enter your working address' password and then type one of your other accounts and password. If the password fails then you have the option to click on the Forgot password link. The problem seems to be that your other accounts are not being confirmed.

When you first sent a message with a new account did you select to type in those distorted words for security just before sending?

  rdave13 14:10 18 Jun 2011

'Account overview' should be Account Details and clicking on that will bring the Account Overview page. Sorry.

  ponytail 08:46 19 Jun 2011

Hi Noldi yes you were right the new accounts I was creating were for not so when I tried signing in using the .com ones they were of course invalid and I then tried creating another one and soon the result being I now have six accounts and my original two accounts making a total of eight accounts which must be some kind of record.Do you know what caused this was it me doing something wrong or something else.Thanks for your help by the way

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