1st spring 14:07 22 Jun 2010

I would like to make a hotmail account so that I can access it when away from my PC. Will it work if I say @live in stead of @hotmail? It doesn't like the hotmail ending for some reason.

I do have an email address but this is not the sort that I can log into outside of my home. I also made an email with the name I would like but this isn't hotmail. I was wondering if I took the ending off and changed it to hotmail would this work, or If I came out of this email address would I still be able to have the same name or would the PC still think that address is taken?

  gengiscant 14:26 22 Jun 2010

No you will have to set up a hotmail here
Then you can use whatever name you want and if no one else has it its yours.

  1st spring 15:06 22 Jun 2010

Thank you. How do I delete one of my hotmail account.

  gengiscant 15:21 22 Jun 2010

1.Click Help on any Hotmail page (usually top right-hand corner).

2.Type Close Account in the keyword search section of the Help screen.

3.Click the Close Your Account link within the Help screen.

4.Click the go to the Close Account link that is highlighted in blue.

5.Read the instructions. When you are satisfied that you understand the terms associated with an account closure, click Close Account.

  1st spring 15:40 22 Jun 2010

I have located the place where to delete, but it is telling me I will not be able to access anything to do with the email address which is my main one.

I have two names for myself with the same email address. It is telling me I will lose everything to do with this email address. I only want to close one down. i.e Joe which is a live ID and keep Les. (not sure if Les is a live ID. It does say Pop 3) With Joe being up on the screen will it be alright to go ahead and delete. Or will I lose every thing that comes under Les?

  1st spring 15:57 22 Jun 2010

It is telling me, I do not have an in Box yet, under Joe.

(Sign up for Windows Live Hotmail and get a free, customizable inbox with lots of storage and great security.) copied from DT Screen

I have made myself another hotmail address using the same email address. Will I lose this?

  hastelloy 16:30 22 Jun 2010

I'm very confused by this. Surely 1 account = 1 email address and you can't have 2 names on the same email address. Perhaps somebody knows better and can explain?

  1st spring 16:49 22 Jun 2010

Yes, I have the same email address, but have 2 different names for myself. I was just messing around one day when I had not had the PC long, but I never use it. But then I am not sure if I am just in messenger or not I have contacts under this name but as it said above I have no inbox. I copied (sign in""""""""""") from a pg I get up when I sign in.

  gengiscant 16:52 22 Jun 2010

I'm confused as well, you cannot have two email adresses the same,you have a 'les' address, what has that got after the '@' and a 'joe' what has that got after the '@'. How am I doing so far.

Which address do you want to delete? If 'joe' is just your live id,do you log in with the 'les' email?

  1st spring 21:05 22 Jun 2010

My email address is letter for letter before the @ and after,but I have given myself a different name. from my email name. When I get my email it is addressed to Les. When I click on the red letter on Internet Explorer, I can then click on my email address which then come up with page saying I haven't got and in box yet. As stated above. I have copied from that pg to show you. It says sign out Joe in the top Right corner. If I sign out it comes up with sign in. If I click on sign in, I get MSN Sign In. Which has my mail address on that pg. Going back to Sign Out, If I click on sign out it come up with a different page with MSN on the left side. then if I close that pg down I get the pg with the red letter on it.

  1st spring 22:04 22 Jun 2010

If it helps I do have 2 different Unique ID numbers. I also have contacts under that email I want to delete but that's not important. Not sure if it is an MSN and not an actual email address.

I wanted different names because if I choose not to let them contact me again I could delete the name. I thought it had to be the same email address so that it would come through. As you guessed, I guessed wrong. Help please.

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