Bomberboy1943 21:29 28 Mar 2006

I am having problems with hot mail namely No mail is comming through I have tried to send a test message but to no avail has any one encountered any problems or any ideas why I am using AVG anti virus software could this be at fault the reason i ask is i need to very fy an email adress with Yahoo! I have tried 3 time but nothing has come through not even the test from my ISP email thanks

  octal 21:57 28 Mar 2006

A little clarification please. Are you viewing you Hotmail account using Outlook Express or on web mail? Also how old is your Hotmail address? And which ISP are you using?

Sorry about the questions but it might have some bearing.

  ACOLYTE 22:04 28 Mar 2006

Have you checked your bulk folder?,i think i read somwhere that some hotmail servers were blacklisted as spam servers and were blocked from sending emails
dont know how true it is though.

Aslo i have no idea why you are using AVG lol.

  Jaro 22:08 28 Mar 2006

why not AVG ? i have been using it for a loong time and never had any probs with it. just wandering why did you ask is there anything we should know ? lol

  ACOLYTE 22:21 28 Mar 2006

I think i misread the bit about AVG,lol he is asking if it could be the cause not why he should be using it,sorry about that.

  Bomberboy1943 22:31 28 Mar 2006

The messages are comming through now maybe it was busy thanks all the same

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